Cobbler Creative Company is a professional graphic design and one-stop printing solution in Hong Kong. We focused a variety of commercial printing products, such as packaging, name card, Badges, Booklets, Displays, media promoting, etc. We offer unique and excellent service with diversification, emphasis on cost-effective graphic design. Our experienced in-house technical and creative personals are specializing in offering cost-effective and tailor-made solutions at every stage that design to meet the client’s unique corporate image as well as requirements. A wide range of products have been introduced to meet the unique and diverse needs of our clients.

For booklets, we offer exclusive and one-stop service start from the very beginning for our customer. It starts from layout, material selection, artwork design as well as constantly monitoring the printing quality of product with the factory.
For packaging, we also offer services base on client requirements and corporate image. We are here to provide tailor-made service to help clients promote and establish a corporate image. We always work closely with the factory to ensure smooth production as well as production quality to maximize cost-effectiveness.


Cobbler Creative will continue to offer professional and exclusive solutions to our clients in this fast-changing industry. With our expertise in the printing industry, we focus on offering excellent service that specially designs for our unique customer. Our experience and knowledge in printing combine with a strong passion for design ensure we are fully equipped to understand your needs and provide you the exact service you only need.


Tailor-made for the customer design, in line with customer business model, include:
.Books and Magazines
.Paper Products
.Media Messaging
To provide customers with typesetting services and materials, image repair, highly monitor the printing quality.

According to the customer corporate image, to provide customers with the packaging design, and monitor the production quality.

Tailor-Made Design

High Quality Materials

Monitor Production

Cobbler Creative Company Final Purpose:
Designed with high quality materials to monitor printing production for customers with the lowest cost to achieve the highest benefits.